Traffic Hound

World's Most Sophisticated Network Exhaust Reporting Tool

Supports both Live Capture
and Analysis of Existing Logs

Traffic Hound can both capture live traffic using industry standard WinPCap, or it can analyze your existing network captures and Windows® Firewall logs - regardless of size.

Guided and Easy to Use
Without Compromise

Traffic Hound is designed ground up to be easy to use without compromising on capabilities and sophistication.

Quickly Summarize by Destination Country,
Hostname and Protocol

Traffic Hound quickly summarizes your outgoing traffic by its destionation geolocation, intended hostname (vs. some random CDN name that is useless) and protocol.

Advanced Reporting
Same Style Reports as You Love on this Site

Traffic Hound is fully integrated with Your securely stored data is dissected with our advanced analytics, providing unforeseen levels of insights into your traffic exhaust.

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